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Yinchuan Erxin MedicalInstrument Co.,Ltd.,founded in 

2011,is located in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous 

Region(a multi-ethnic place where Hui people mainly 

believe in Islam). It holds the China-Arab States Expo 

every two years and the China-Arab Economic and 

Trade Forumevery year, covering omnibearing and 

multilevel cooperation. about 16000 In 2015, have 

developed A new series of products include: low temperatureplasma surgery system, Low frequency 

nerve and muscle stimulator ,Ventilator ,Anesthesia machine , Patient Monitor And a series of internationally advanced technology products, welcome customers at home and abroad.squaremetre productionbase in Shanghai international medical District , product covers 9 series and more than 1000 species, e.g.: medical emergency, diagnosis, clinic, nursing, woman and infant, anatomy,traditional Chinese medicine, stomatology and specimen section.Since the International Trade Department established in 2010, products have been exported to nearly 80 countries and regions, and repeatedly won the bid at the United Nations.

ErXin has been recognized by the international market and won honor for China. ErXin Medical would like to cooperate with old and new friends at home and abroad to develop hand in hand. 

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TEL:0086-0951-5989553     FAX:0086-0951-5989553
ADD: Room 104 Shop No.30 Lijing Street North Street Xingqing District Yinchuan City Ningxia
Specialized in CPR manikin,medical education model,human anatomical model,human skeleton model.
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